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How To: Set up/Disable 2FA for your Domain

Cheryl WalshCheryl Walsh Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 68 Expensify Team
edited March 5 in How-to Docs

Why this is awesome:

You can now add an extra layer of security across all Domain members by enabling Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in Domains! 



  • Two Factor Authentication cannot be required when SAML is enabled. 
  • As it’s important to keep your financial information safe, Two Factor Authentication must be enabled in order for a user to dispute Digital Expensify Card purchases.
  • Please note, it may take up to 2 hours for domain level enforcement to come into effect. Once required, users will be prompted to configure their individual 2FA settings when they next log into Expensify.

Let’s Go: 

  • Navigate to: Settings > Domains > Domain Name > Domain Members 
  • Toggle Two Factor Authentication to  ENABLED 
  • Alll Domain members who do not have 2FA already enabled will be prompted to set this up via their Expensify Inbox, and will be prevented from using Expensify until they have completed the set up! 
  • To disable, simply toggle off and refresh the page! 

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