How do you prevent personal cards from being included on the company policy

krobinson Expensify Customer Posts: 7

We have had some employees get confused during the onboarding process and enter link up their personal card to the company account. They should only ever be using the company card that has been set up through the domain settings. Now all of the admins can see all of the personal charges. I can ask the employees to delete their personal card, but I would prefer if this wasn't even an option for them in the first place.


  • Sasha Kluger
    Sasha Kluger Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 127 Expensify Team

    Hi @krobinson - there is no way to prevent employees from importing personal cards into their account, but you can easily tell the difference between a company card expense and a personal card expense based on the expense icon. Our Company Cardholder 101 guide shows all the different icons under the "What do the icons mean?" section of the guide.

  • krobinson
    krobinson Expensify Customer Posts: 7

    I would prefer that neither I, nor any other admin be able to see someone's personal charges even if we can distinguish them from the corporate card expenses. I can ask the induvial to delete his personal cards from the account. But my fear is we are on day 2 of rolling Expensify out to the company and this has already become an issue. I think some people are confused when setting up the account, and they put in their personal card/ bank information when it asks for it, maybe thinking it is for reimbursements. I can communicate to the company not to put in their personal cards, but I am very disappointed to see that this is not on option for me as an admin to simply disable. It is bound to happen again at some point as we continue to onboard new users down the road, and it can be pretty embarrassing for an employee to have all their personal charges posted for admins to see, even temporarily.

    I strongly recommend adding the ability to disable personal cards from being added to a company policy/ domain.