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Make searching QBs Item Codes Easier by Syncing both "Name" & "Description"

sean_green Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

Expensify allows QBD item codes to be synced with Expensify (along with the CoA as Categories). I love this feature, but hate that it is so difficult to search through the item codes since only the "name" is imported and not the "description." I'll show you what I mean and how other software companies who sync with QBs approach this.

This is what it looks like when I try to add an item code (category) to an expense. I'm in construction and my item code list is based off the CSI Master Format. 1200/E is in Division 13 or, in other words, 1200/E is a subitem of item 13.

It is common for there to be multiple subdivisions that have the same name (see below–these are all in different Divisions). This is the most annoying thing about Expensify.

This is how the Item list looks in QBD:

One might say, just change the name to include the description. However, this is not best practice as other software that integrate with QBD pull both the Item name & description. Procore is one of the most widely used project management tools for construction. See below for how they handle item codes from QBD (they call them Cost Codes). Notice you see see the item code displayed in the following format: "division/item code"-"subdivision/subitem code" - "item description"

This is what it looks like when one searches item codes in Procore. This is searching both the name and the description and the same time.

Potential Solutions

(1) Allow the user to manually alter the name, but keep the integrity of the sync so that the name would no be overwritten when there is a new sync. This would take a long time, but I would manually alter the names if I knew they would not be cleared during a sync.

(2) Display the main item code next to the subitem code. This would be helpful, but is still not intuitive to search.

(3) Display the description next to the item. This would be wonderful.

(4) Display the description next to the item along with the main item code. This would be amazing!

Thanks for making an amazing product and taking the time to consider my idea. Best, Sean

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