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I have added an employee to an expense policy and it appears successful. However, the employee reached out to me saying they wanted to submit and expense report but they were prompted to select an expense policy between 'Employee Name's' Expense and 'the Policy I added the employee to' Expense and I am not certain what the difference is or why the employee is prompted with this selection.

Can anyone tell me what differences will result between selection of either options?

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  • John Schuster
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    Hey there @mt_trifacta! Thanks for your comment! Hm, it sounds like this new employee may be referring to the Report Policy selection.

    Not to overwhelm you with the boring details, but when a user is created in Expensify, the account is also created with its own personal policy. This is essentially where an individual can set their own rules for expenses they would track for their own use.

    When a user is made a member of a company policy, their personal policy still exists, allowing them the option to choose which policy their expenses will be submitted/reported under, which is probably what your new employee is referring to.

    So that explains the differences, but what's the result of selecting one over the other? Well, if the user selects their personal policy, the reported expenses will follow the rules of their personal policy, and if they select the company policy, the reported expenses will follow the rules of the company policy.


  • mt_trifacta
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    Thank you for your comment, that was very clarifying. I do have one more question.

    Since I have added many employees to this company policy and we expect the majority to only need the company policy to submit expense reports for reimbursement, is it possible to set this as the default for these employees?

    My question comes from a concern that an employee may decide to select their own expense policy when submitting expenses for reimbursement, and not realize it may not be seen by their manager and subsequent approvers because of that initial selection.

    Thank you!

  • John Schuster
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    Great question! Yes, if you have verified your company domain (and these users have a company email address), then you can add them to a Domain Group and restrict them to a specific Default policy.

    Don't have your domain verified? No problem! In that case, the user can set their own Default policy by clicking their Account profile icon in the top left corner, and selecting the company Group policy.