Now you can pay your bills with Expensify, too!

David Barrett
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So you surely know we do expense reports.  And you might know that we do invoices.  But did you know that you can pay your bills with Expensify, for free?  Just have your vendors send their invoices to:

And we’ll SmartScan them, present them to you for approval, then cut them a check from your business bank account -- while keeping your accounting package in sync every step of the way.

It’s really that easy.  Because the way we see it, invoices, bills, expense reports -- they’re really all the same thing.  It’s a list of expenses, that are sent to you, that you pay.  Whether it comes from an employee or a vendor, it’s still basically the same thing: it’s paid from the same bank account, and exported to the same ledger system.  It’s probably the same person in charge of paying bills and approving expenses.

A little known fact is that Expensify was never intended to be an expense reporting company: it was always intended to be a platform for all things accounts payable and receivable.  Expenses, invoices, bills -- they’re all slight variations on the same thing.  But the variations are so slight, there’s really no reason to Frankenstein together a bunch of financial tools to cover all your needs: Expensify is a one-stop shop for everything you need to run your back office.

Think your business is too complex for a single tool to do this all?  Well we’ve got hundreds of employees split between several international subsidiaries, thousands of vendors scattered around the world in multiple currencies, a hundred thousand customers spanning dozens of countries -- and we run the whole business on Expensify.  That means we manage all our expenses, send all our invoices, and pay all our bills using a single tool.  And I’ve got to say, it’s awesome.  Everything in one place, coming from the same bank accounts, going to the same accounting system.

Want to live the single-vendor lifestyle?  It’s a good one.  Ask your vendors to use your address above to get started, or reply to this email with any questions you have… and remember, it’s free!


Founder and CEO of Expensify

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