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Please disable SmartScan when selecting to 'Fill out Details Myself'

KaoruKaoru Expensify Customer Posts: 1
edited October 2020 in Ideas

When I upload receipt to create an expense, I always fill out details manually, because SmartScanning doesn't work for receipts written in Japanese.

Even after I complete filling out details manually and the receipt is registered as an expense, there is still a copy of the receipt remaining as "smartscanning..." status under "Uncategorized" section. Therefore I always have to discard these copies that would never be smartscanned successfully, which is obviously a double task for me.

I'd happily continue filling out details manually if SmartScan function is disabled, but SmartScanning can't be disabled due to my Control Group Policy, so I'd like this "keeping copy" function to be corrected so once a receipt is manually registered, its copy will be automatically deleted.

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  • Christina DobryzynskiChristina Dobryzynski Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 226 Expensify Team

    Hi there @Kaoru!

    Thank you for reaching out about this extra work you are needing to do when SmartScanning your receipts. This is very important for us to know!

    From my experience on the mobile app,

    1. When I SmartScan a receipt,
    2. Tap 'Fill out details myself',
    3. Make the changes to the expense (in your case, filling out the expense details)
    4. Click Save.

    The SmartScan stops, and the changes manually made to the expense are saved.

    • Is this not what happens for you?
    • Are you SmartScanning the expense on the mobile or web app?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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