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We used to sync with QB desktop, but found that when we made changes to tags in QB and they would sync with expensify our employee would have to revisit any transactions that were impacted by the tag changes. We turned sync off and want to update our tags with a spreadsheet import. Will that over ride or append tag list currently in expensify? Will we have the same issue with old transactions?

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  • Stevie LaFortune
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    Thanks for the details @sjstock With a direct connection to QBD you are not able to upload the tags with a spreadsheet. That option is only available to policies that don't have an accounting integration.

    When updating tags in your QB account, those will not affect expenses on reports that aren't in an open state any longer. Having your users submit all expenses, approve and export them prior to updating will be the best option to ensure your users only have to select tags once.


  • Zany Renney
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    Are the tags you currently have in Expensify synced over from QBD or did you previously upload those tags via a spreadsheet too?

    Can you also give a bit more detail into what the exact issue with the told transactions was? I am not clear from this message unfortunately.


  • sjstock
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    Hi Zany, the tags we currently have in Expensify were synced from QB desktop. The issue we were having is that if we changed an existing tag and then synced, employees had to go back and reenter those tags on any existing transactions where they had been used. I was not here for that, so I am just repeating what was explained to me by the finance director. I am trying to sort through the issue so we can get our tags up to date without too much clean up needed. Thanks.