Expensify Billpay and Vendor

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I'm trying to find out when the invoice is smart scanned how Expensify assigns it to a vendor? Do my vendors import/sync from NetSuite into Expensify? The last thing I want are invoices smartscanned and new Vendors created based on the submitting email--which is kind of what I'm finding through reading. Those emails can change. Can I override the Vendor populated from the smartscan? Just doing due diligence before I think about using Expensify billpay. Also, for vendors who will no longer accept paper checks. Is there a way to input their bank information like we do with employees for reimbursement so I could "pay" them electronically?


  • Maddy Lewis
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    Hi @OPaccounting - There's not a way to import your vendor list from your accounting integration into Expensify.

    When exporting to NetSuite, Expensify will look for a matching vendor/merchant to match the report to. If there's isn't a matching vendor listed in NetSuite, Expensify will create on automatically if Automatically Create Employees/Vendors is enabled. Otherwise, the report export will error until the vendor/merchant matches what's listed in NetSuite.

    At this time, you can only pay vendors via physical check through Expensify's bill pay feature. We'll likely incorporate automatic ACH payments for bill pay in the future.