How-to: Add Additional Details or New Invoice Fields to Your Invoice Report

Zany Renney
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We built our invoices to be super smart which means that certain default fields appear on your Invoice Report depending on where you are (i.e. the currency of your Policy!). 

This means that you have some default fields that prompt you to provide the regulatory required details you need in your jurisdiction. 

However, we know that some companies or business relationships require additional information depending on specific policy or processes.

To allow for this, we’ve built a way for you to add any new field you want to your invoices, just like we already allow for an expense report.

To do this head to Settings > Policies > Group

[Policy Name] > Reports > Report Fields

From here you’ll be able to add the Invoice Report field you need, for example, a Customer Address:

You’ll be able to stipulate the type of field (e.g. text, dropdown, or date), and which report type you want the field to appear on. 

To add an Invoice Report field, ensure you select “Invoice” from the dropdown.

From there, once you click “Add” the new field will appear in your “Report and Invoice Fields” section like so:

Once it is there, you’ll be able to see it on any Invoice Report you create on that Policy.

Other examples of fields used by customers include (but are not limited to): PO number, Business Address, Website.

Please check the regulations in your local jurisdiction to ensure tax and business compliance.

If at any time you want to delete the field, just hit the red trash on the field in your Policy settings.

Happy Invoicing!

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