Domain Admins Can Now Enforce Two Factor Authentication!

Kadie Alexander
Kadie Alexander Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 113 Expensify Team
edited December 2020 in Product Updates

Earlier in the year we announced that users can now add an extra layer of security to their account by enabling Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Thanks to an exciting new update, Domain Admins now have the ability to require 2FA for their domain members.

When you require 2FA for your domain members, they will see an Inbox task prompting them to set up 2FA, and will be prevented from using Expensify until this has been set up. We recommend that you provide your colleagues with this guide and a few days to set up 2FA before enforcing it on the domain.

2FA reduces the risk to your company for:

  • Unwanted Account Access - 2FA uses a second verification method to ensure it’s truly you when logging in.
  • Financial Information Access - Adds a second layer of security to any sensitive information stored in Expensify.
  • Expensify Card Fraud - 2FA makes it a lot harder for malicious actors to access your Expensify Card, and will be required in the future in order to dispute certain Expensify Card transactions. 

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