How to export reports including receipt images?

flusteredwalrus Expensify Customer Posts: 2

I need to export all my reports including images of receipts. How to do that?


  • Matt Moore
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    Hi @flusteredwalrus and welcome to the Community!

    Every user that is part of a Group Policy has access to six default export formats on the Reports page. Using the filtering options on the reports page along with one of these export options will allow you to easily see the data needed. 

    • Basic Export - A very basic expense level export. 
    • Detailed Export - Similar to the Basic Export but with more expense and report level info. 
    • Report Level Export - This export has a number or report-level details. 
    • Category Export - Shows the total for each category that was used in the exported reports. 
    • Tag Export - Just like the Category Export, but with tags instead of categories. 
    • Multiple Tax Export - Some basic expense level details plus tax details for Canada users.

    Each of these exports will email you the report in a CSV file. 

    For the Detailed Export, the images will be included as hyperlinked images.

    If you'd instead like to build your own custom export, check out our Export Custom Reports Guide! You can create custom exports under your Settings > Account > Preferences > CSV Export Formats. This template will be available to the user on whose account it was created. If you need a custom export template that can be shared among all policy admins, this feature is available on the Control plan. 

    Let me know if you need further help here!

  • flusteredwalrus
    flusteredwalrus Expensify Customer Posts: 2

    Thanks for the boilerplate, but could you answer my question? Thanks.