"Error - Can't downgrade account" when trying to close/delete account

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Hi, I am trying to cancel my account and it doesn't seem to let me.

When I go through Settings>Account>Account Details>Close My Account>Enter email>Check box to confirm>"Close Account" I get:

Oops... an error has occurred!

Failed to downgrade your account.

No way to get a live human on chat or phone for this? Any help from Community would be awesome. Thank you.

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    This message most commonly occurs when you try to close an account that has a Group policy and Annual Subscription set up. Annual Subscription are 12-month commitment to Expensify service for a discounted rate and it's not possible to cancel them early.

    Since you've both reached out to Concierge and the team has gotten through our newsletter responses you should be receiving support in real-time today. Please reach back out to Concierge if you haven't already and we can help you through understanding your current subscription and when it's possible to close your account.