David Barrett to-do list:

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edited October 2020 in Day to Day
  1. pull down controversial posting (Community, FB, Twitter)
  2. soul search
  3. write apology letter to 10M users (or those who haven't yet closed accounts)
  4. learn what a constitutional, representative republic is versus a democracy
  5. soul search
  6. consult with legal on how to properly use customer data
  7. update diversity training deck to include diversity of thought
  8. reprogram employees
  9. write public apology to business leaders and users for violating their trust (double check with legal on user agreement violation)
  10. soul search
  11. update youtube videos on how to decapitalize a growing company
  12. beg investors to understand you only had a momentary lapse of reason
  13. get a conservative friend (or two?)
  14. listen to a different point of view outside Portland
  15. resign (or wait it out...investors are surely forgiving)
  16. soul search