How can I search for non-reimbursable expenses on a report?

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I did a large expense report (100+ expenses) and the total shows a Reimbursable amount greater than the Total... I want to find the expense(s) that were not marked to be Reimbursable and change them to Reimbursable. But, how do I find them (other than opening every single expense one by one)??


  • Aussiebandit
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    Hi @eddieb - I too get employees who add personal expenses to corporate card expenses (reimbursable verses non-reimbursable) and I have to go through each expense from the report to find these.

    Open the report > go into the first expenses on the report and then use the arrows to move quickly through the expenses to find the one that has the wrong option chosen.

    If you add this suggestion to the ideas category, I would vote for the enhancement.