Prevent non-reimbursable cash expenses from being submitted.

krobinson Expensify Customer Posts: 7

There are only 2 types of expenses that should be submitted within our company. Reimbursable cash expenses and non-reimbursable corporate card expenses. Unfortunately, when an employee adds a receipts it creates a non-reimbursable cash expense, since they associated credit card charge does not sync for several days. Eventually, these expenses may merge together, but unfortunately sometimes the original non-reimbursable cash expense created from the receipt upload gets submitted before merging, either by scheduled submit or manually. Is there a way to prevent these expenses from being submitted?? I understand that there are different icons for the different types, and we can communicate to our employees to watch out for this, however, with 75+ users there is bound to be errors made and non-reimbursable "cash" expenses submitted before they are merged with the credit card expense. Is there a feature to help with this.

I have been told to change the below preference, however this does not solve the issue, because they can still be submitted