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Miko505 Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Is there an automated method of adding my Meals and Incidental Expense from the GSA Schedule?

Expensify is so innovative, so I must be missing something and just doing it the hard way- right now I'm doing Add Expense, Multiple Tab, then hand keying what I look up on the GSA website for the zip code or city I'm in that day. Would be nice to have it pick up the zip code of the hotel and add the per diem. Across 45 weeks of travel of travel a year in a dozen or two cities later and that's a lot of potential for error from my data entry.

We're usually Per Diem on the GSA schedule, for some locations we use SOW negotiated rates - so a policy specific template of rates would be fine by me - I can download them from GSA and add there if needed.


  • DanM
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    The ability to add bulk per diem rates, say those downloaded from GSA works great BUT the problem is there is no ability to replace old rates with new, or delete old rates in bulk before uploading new rates. I can manipulate the downloaded rates from GSA to make importable, but it is a HUGE pain to manually delete all the old rates one by one to upload new ones.

  • Matthias
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    Yes would also need automatically adding per diem rates from GSA, best if Expensify would get them straight from GSA site (Concur and Certify know how to do this, so cannot be that hard).... and please add ways to 'delete' tags, and bulk 'delete' rates if it cannot automatically update them !!! That's a killer for us as non-for-profit... as we have to use GSA rates because of governmental funding.

  • DaleM
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    A way to bulk delete existing rates is a must. I just clicked the red X 670 times and it sucked out loud.
    Attached is the GSA FY19 per diem rates spreadsheet, with a little magic to create a decent name field. Just import using Column I for names, J for currency, and H for the rate. For whatever reason, mine wouldn't import line 1 cleanly, so you may have to enter that one manually, but it provides all the locale specific rates with a name formatted as:

    STATE, City (County) Start and End Month

  • random1
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    We use the true GSA rates. Please add this feature.