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Expenses not being automatically assigned to a report

DaveCWSDaveCWS Expensify Customer Posts: 11 Expensify Newcomer

We brought an additional group of users live onto Expensify last week (i.e. a new department). These new users are having their card charges downloaded. But the Expenses for these users are not being automatically assigned to a report.

  • These new users are assigned as cardholders on our one Imported Card (i.e. same card as the existing users).
  • The Imported Card has a Preferred Policy field set to the other/existing policy (i.e. not the one the new users need to use).
  • These new users are assigned to a domain group which limits policy selection to the correct new policy they need to use.
  • The existing users continue to have their Expenses automatically assigned to a report (on the Preferred Policy).

How do we update configurations so that the Expenses for this new group of users gets automatically assigned to the policy they are limited to by their domain group?

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