Your 'support' helped me go from 'a small question' to a complete disaster of data - how is this OK?

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My .csv file wouldn't upload Tuesday night. I contacted customer support. They were not helpful. Wednesday morning it had uploaded 3 times. I asked how to undo this. In the 7 hours of 'chat' they told me to 'unassign' cards and reassign (amongst many other ignorant and antagonistic chats. That resulted in more duplications. None were able to be deleted. I had all employees painstakingly create reports to sync with Quickbooks. End of day Thursday I tried to sync. There were multiple error messages that I 'chatted with' 1.5 hours later it seemed that it had actually synced. Friday midday I went into QuickBooks to check only to find that it had corrupted the data for two MONTHS. The final 5 hours on chat were incredibly rude with BAD advice that made things worse. Then I had to hire the outside accountant to fix it inside of QuickBooks and that took 3 hours

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    Hi @Oakcliff

    I'm truly sorry that you had some trouble uploading your CSV of expenses.

    I did review your conversation you had with our real-time concierge and it does appear that we took all necessary steps to help you troubleshoot and help you get the file uploaded correctly. It did take multiple times to ensure you that our Concierge is powered by real humans and that the methods used to help you troubleshoot were necessary and also that a screen share was not possible. It was also noted that you had not synced your QuickBooks connection in over 2 months and it was explained that this length of time will almost always cause connection issues. Moving forward, please be sure you are syncing your connection no less that once per week.

    We also ask that when writing to Concierge you keep the conversation respectful as we will not/can not continue a conversation that includes hostile language.

    I would suggest reviewing our super helpful step-by-step guide on how to successfully upload a CSV of expenses for future reference.