Forwarding receipts as a Copilot to [email protected]

jeremaiah Expensify Customer Posts: 1


I am a Copilot of our company's credit card holders and I'll be helping them manage their expenses in Expensify by making sure expenses have receipts on them. I have copies of those expenses in my work email. Our cards and bank syncs to Expensify so everytime, we scan or forward the receipt to Expensify, it will merge. My understanding is that for Expensify to merge the receipts, it's the card holder's that should forward the receipt to [email protected] since the cards are assigned to their emails. If I forward a receipt using my work email, it will be scanned in my account and won't merge to the card holder's account. Is there a way that I can forward those receipts in behalf of them and it still merges to the card holder's account?

Thank you!