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Lockable Fields

J___ Expensify Customer Posts: 2

I'd like an option for admins to lock certain fields on expense items.

Recently, we had an employee faking receipts through photoshop and modifying the vendor line to make personal Amazon purchases look like valid supplier purchases. He was creating realistic looking invoices, so we had no way to detecting them because the receipts looked legitimate and the vendor information was correct.

This seems like a basic internal control functionality that I'm surprised is missing from Expensify.

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  • Stevie LaFortune
    Stevie LaFortune Expensify Team Posts: 221 Expensify Team

    @J_ Sorry to hear this happened to you! I don't follow what field being locked on the expense could prevent users from creating fake receipts, or editing original receipts prior to SmartScanning them. Can you get back to me with more details and your thoughts on this?

    I appreciate your time!

  • J___
    J___ Expensify Customer Posts: 2

    We use the Expensify card. If the vendor field is locked, someone wouldn't be able to change the field from Amazon to Victory Packaging or another vendor we regularly use. We'd be able to see that this was an Amazon purchase and give it the proper scrutiny than a regular vendor where personal items can't be purchased. I don't follow the logic of letting an employee change the vendor name. Wouldn't you want to be able to accurately see where your employees are spending, instead of letting them change it at their convenience?

  • Stevie LaFortune
    Stevie LaFortune Expensify Team Posts: 221 Expensify Team

    Thanks for the details! When using the Expensify Card or any other connected credit card to import transactions, we will update the merchant field from the SmartScanned receipts. This is because many times the merchant as listed on the card transactions isn't as clear as the merchant listed on the receipt - the card could be #167890098 WalmartIncStore vs. the receipt will be read as Walmart. This allows for better matching when exporting to an accounting system. For these reasons the merchant field remains editable. There is a link below the merchant field that does show the original merchant, though you would need to make a point to view these details intentionally.

  • Rachael Hopkins
    Rachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 858 Expensify Team

    Hi @J_ I've taken a look at your Domain and I can't see these Expensify Card transactions you refer to - are you just speaking 'in theory' here? It looks like you have only had your Expensify Card for a few weeks (and no other user has one) and you don't have any other company cards importing. Did this happen in a different system?

    The reason I ask is because I know that my own Expensify Card transactions show the original imported merchant, and I'm sure commercial feeds do also, as a search link like this:

    Do you have an example I can take a look at? Merchant, date and amount?