Is it possible to combine reports at the approver level?

MattSCPA Approved! Accountant Posts: 8

I know that submitters can adjust their expenses to show on a single report (as lovingly explained here) but is there a methodology for the approver doing so if the submitter neglects?

We have a handful of users who continue to submit 1 or 2 items at a time and when you only approve monthly, it adds a lot of noise ...

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  • Leslie Rodriguez
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    Hey @MattSCPA!

    Great question!

    While there is no way to stop employees from submitting their receipts, there is a way to automate this. I'm thinking that if the process were automated, the employee would simply take a picture and code, leaving the submission to the automation. That way, you receive reports only at certain times during the month. Does that seem like a viable solution?