NetSuite Custom Segments - Possible to Sync by Subsidiary?

Brad_C Expensify Customer Posts: 1
edited December 2020 in Integrations and API

Multiple NetSuite subsidiaries are using the same NetSuite Custom Segment (cseg_pem_deal), however only Subsidiary A uses Expensify. In Expensify, is it possible to sync from NetSuite only the subset of this Custom Segment's values that are assigned to Subsidiary A in NetSuite? Each subsidiary uses this Custom Segment's many values to track expenses that are reimbursable from third parties and each subsidiary maintains their own Custom Segment values in NetSuite. New values are added weekly.

In Expensify Settings: Policies: [Policy Name]: Connections: NetSuite: Configure: Coding Tab, I've enabled and synced "Custom Segments and Custom Records" and this easily imports each of the hundreds of values within the NetSuite Custom Segment (cseg_pem_deal) into Expensify as Tags, however each of the hundreds of values within this Custom Segment populate in Subsidiary A's Expensify, even if the values aren't assigned to Subsidiary A in NetSuite.

I realize that it is possible to sync the entire NetSuite Custom Segment value set to Expensify as Tags, then toggle off the undesired Tags within Expensify but that is tough when there are hundreds of Tags that aren't assigned to Subsidiary A in NetSuite and the list grows weekly. This process is Settings: Policies: [Policy Name]: Tags: Edit Tags Button: Toggle the undesired tags.