Failed Capital One auto-sync to QuickBooks

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Similar to another thread (, we continue to have difficulty syncing our Capital One cards to QuickBooks. Over the past 6 months, the failed Capital One connection has happened 3 times. Each time, the error message states:

Expensify auto-sync failed for QuickBooks integration. Refresh token is no longer valid, need to renew credentials. 

We have a single Capital One account (one login with a single set of OAuth credentials) with multiple cards for different people in our organization. This seems a very typical small business scenario.

The Expensify team has given us 3 solutions but none of them have worked more than a month. The latest (4th) explanation from Expensify is that we cannot have different TYPES of Capital One credit cards, which seems a ludicrous explanation. We could not find an FAQ that defines such a rigid compatibility structure. We are concerned that Expensify's backend system can’t separate the credit cards correctly.

Is anyone else having this export/sync issue with Capital One?


  • Stevie LaFortune
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    @JannW Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the CapitalOne connection. I do see you have both Visa Signature Business and Visa Signature account types connected. It could be that these are two different accounts are playing against each other.

    Troubleshooting card connection issues is better handled with our chat option since there is sensitive information related to this.

    How-to: Connect multiple cards to import transactions ~ combine them under one login.

  • JannW
    JannW Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

    Stevie I have been chatting with the Concierge about this issue for the past 6 months.

    We have tried 3 solutions previously, but none have worked for more than a month - then the connection "breaks" again. It seems that Expensify's backend system can’t separate the Capital One credit cards correctly.

    Now, the Concierge suggest that we need to change our Capital One cards so that they are all the same TYPE of Capital One card. We already have a single Capital One login, so requiring us to use all the same TYPE of card seems like an extremely rigid credit card requirement! Having tried solutions 3 times already, I don't have much confidence that the latest suggestion will work - plus, I have alot of manual work ahead because none of my reports have synced since mid-October.