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Expensify offers a free trial for up to six weeks for new customers on a Group policy. Your free trial is your chance to set up and test Expensify before committing to a subscription. Your organization will have access to all of the features and functionality available as a part of either the Collect or Control plan throughout the trial. 

This post outlines how to start, manage, and complete your free trial in order to successfully start your organization's Expensify subscription.

How to Start a Free Trial

After signing up for a new Expensify account, you will be asked whether you want to use Expensify for your Business or as an Individual. If you select Business we will then ask about the Expensify features you’re most interested in setting up for your organization.

Once you make these selections, we will automatically enroll you into a free trial and create a Group policy. You will then see new Inbox tasks to guide you through setting up Expensify for your organization. If you have any questions about a particular task or getting your company setup, you can watch a demo video or request a call directly from the Inbox.

Note: Expensify is free for individuals for up to 25 SmartScans per month. For those individuals who need additional SmartScans we offer a monthly subscription. More details on individual subscriptions can be found here.

Unlocking Additional Free Trial Weeks

When you start a free trial you get an initial seven days before you’re required to add a billing card to continue using Expensify. Luckily, Expensify allows you to add an additional five weeks to your free trial!

To unlock the additional free weeks you will want to complete all the Inbox tasks with the “Free Week!” banner. Completing any of these tasks will add an additional seven days to your trial automatically. You can always see how many days remain on your free trial in the top right-hand corner of your Expensify Inbox.

Making the most of your Free Trial

  • Complete all the “Free Week!” tasks upfront. These tasks are the key pieces of setting up your organization’s policy, and completing them provides a clear picture of the time remaining on your free trial. It can take as little as 30 minutes to complete these tasks so there is no reason to wait!
  • Take full advantage of the Guide calls and demo videos located on the Inbox tasks. If you ever need guidance on completing a setup task these resources should be the first place you go.
  • Invite a handful of employees as soon as possible during the free trial. Getting employees into Expensify and submitting expenses will allow you to truly see how all the features and functionality work together to save you time. We have great resources for employees getting started with Expensify.
  • Connect Expensify to your accounting system. By connecting your accounting system early on you can begin testing Expensify end to end.

Completing your Free Trial

If you’ve already added a billing card to Expensify then at the end of the free trial you will automatically start your organization’s Expensify subscription (Congrats!). At the start of the next month we’ll charge the billing card on file for your subscription, prorated to exclude the free trial.

If your free trial ends without a billing card on file then you will see a “Your Free Trial has expired” banner in the Inbox. If you have additional “Free Week!” tasks remaining, you can complete them to get additional days added to the free trial. Ultimately you will need to add a billing card and start a subscription to continue using Expensify’s group policy features.

If at the start of the next month your free trial expires and you still have not added a billing card we will attempt to bill for your subscription, prorated to exclude the free trial. From there, we provide a five day grace period after which we will disable all group policy functionality until a billing card is added. At this point, we recommend adding a billing card to Expensify to pay the amount owed and start your subscription.

Downgrading from your Free Trial

If you wish to downgrade to an individual account after your free trial has ended then you will need to delete any group policies you're the billing owner for. Taking this action will completely remove the policies, subscription, and any amount owed. You can do this in one of two ways from the Expensify web app:

  • Select the “Downgrade” option on the billing card task in the Inbox.
  • Go to Settings > Policies then click on the gear button next to the policy and select Delete.

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If you have any questions about your free trial or billing simply write into Concierge via in-app chat or email at