Encrypted Links to Receipts

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I recently noticed that the links to my receipts in QBD went from a simple pdf that looked like this:


to one like this


The reply from Concierge was "...this is due to an updated security standard around the way Expensify stores receipts. Previously receipts were accessible without the requirement that the computer viewing them was logged into Expensify.  Now that is a requirement, and is why the URL is a bit longer."

So, I am completely confused. I have always had an option to enable/disable public visibility of my receipts - which, I would assume, means my receipts WERE NOT accessible without a login to Expensify - UNLESS I set the option to "Enable". If originally my receipts were not encrypted and did not require a login to Expensify - why did I have the option to enable/disable public visibility?? And, if this was NOT the case - what has changed that requires the entire encrypted portion to be added to the link? Also - if I have public visibility enabled - why would the link be encrypted, anyway?

For the record - I do not like the new link AT ALL!! It is way too big to just quickly double click to select in order to copy/paste. Now, I have to right click at the beginning or the end and scroll all the way to the other end to select the link.