How-to: Create and submit a bill

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Expensify offers multiple ways to create a bill on the web. This allows you to easily add bills to your Expensify account for tracking all your company expenses in one place!

This feature is available to:

  • Group policy users: perfect for businesses who want to recieve invoices and pay bills from clients/customers.
  • Individual policy users: perfect for contractors, personal business owners, or anyone who wants to receive invoices and pay bills from clients/customers.
  • Free Plan users who want to receive invoices and pay bills through Expensify.
  • Users with a private email address linked to their Expensify account (not available to users with a gmail, hotmail, etc email).

Below is a breakdown of the three options you have to create a bill in Expensify

1) Upload a physical bill in Expensify

If you receive a physical bill, you can manually upload the bill and pay the bill in Expensify.

  1. Sign-in your Expensify account at
  2. Go to the Reports Page > click New Report and choose Bill
  3. Add the expense details and vendor's email address to the pop-up window.
  4. Upload a pdf/image of the bill. 
  5. Click Submit.

This option requires a connected verified business bank account to pay the bill. If you don't see the Bill option in the drop-down list, first connect a business bank account at Settings > Account > Payments.

2) Receive bills in Expensify

Simply ask your vendors to email all your invoices to []

Example, if your domain is "" your billing email is "", include the .com/.gov/.io/etc.

The invoices will be SmartScanned automatically, then appear as a bill for approval and payment in Expensify. The bill will be received under the specific account listed as the Primary Contact under Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Domain Admin, and will be reported under the Primary Contact's Default Policy.

3) Forward a bill to Expensify

If your bills are emailed to you, you can forward those bills to []

Important: Make sure to use the vendor's email address as the Subject line. This will ensure a vendor account is created in Expensify so they can be paid through Expensify.

Once the SmartScan process completes, the bill will display on the Reports page of the Domain Admin's account.

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