Credit Card Stream from our Bank

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I have asked a dozen time for support to get a few basic questions answered so our bank can send the credit card stream

Any ideas on how to get any support. If not any ideas on other vendors for expense management?


  • April Bekkala
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    Hi @OBBQR

    I see that you've been trying to set up a direct feed with your bank, you mention that these are MasterCards which means the feed is referred to as a CDF. Your bank MUST first approve your account for a CDF feed. Keep in mind, not all accounts qualify.

    Step 1 is Contact your banking relationship manager and request that your CDF (Common Data File) feed be sent directly to Expensify in the MasterCard SmartData Portal (file type: CDF version 3 Release 11.01). Please also specify the date of the earliest transactions you require in the feed.

    If your bank approves this request and determines that your account type qualifies for a CDF feed then they will initiate delivery of the feed by finding Expensify in their MasterCard online portal. Once this is done, the bank will send you an email containing the distribution ID.

    The distribution ID then needs to be forwarded to us and we simply add it to your account and you're all set! Expensify performs no other action in getting your account qualified for a CDF feed you must reach out to your bank and ask if you qualify for a CDF feed.