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Deep Dive: How the Expensify <> Rippling integration saves your HR & IT teams hours each month

Gabe Essner
Gabe Essner Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 3 Expensify Team
edited January 11 in Deep Dive Docs

Our friends at Rippling have developed an integration with Expensify that allows mutual customers to sync company data between the two systems. 

With Rippling's integration to Expensify customers can:

  • Automatically create and remove employee accounts in Expensify from Rippling
  • Provide your employees with single sign-on access to Expensify
  • Directly import reimbursable expense report data from Expensify into Rippling Payroll. Importing expense data will allow approved expenses in Expensify to flow into pay runs assigned to the right employees and ready to be paid out.

Learn more about the Rippling <> Expensify integration here

Important notes

This integration is managed by the Rippling team. For that reason, please reach out to Rippling directly for:

  1. Instructions on how to connect Rippling to your Expensify account
  2. Any support questions regarding this integration
  3. Any questions that come up while you are attempting to connect 

The Rippling support team can be reached at [email protected]