Multiple dollar thresholds

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We need to have multiple levels of dollar thresholds for approvers. So for example, if a report is over 20k, it goes to a VP. If it's over 50k, it goes to the CFO, and over 100k to the CEO. I read this:

and it doesn't seem like it's possible to do the multiple approvals directly. However, I wondered if there might be a workaround.

Let's say for Employee Tom, we set the threshold to 20k and the "Then Approves to" as VP Joe. Then, on Joe's configuration, we set the threshold to 50k and the "The Approves to" as CFO Jack. Here's my question: will a report for 50k submitted by Employee Tom be automatically passed to VP Joe and then to CFO Jack without Joe having to do anything?

Here is an example flow for what I'm talking about. Hope this makes things clear.