Deep Dive: What is Karma and how does it help fight injustice?

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Personal Karma and Corporate Karma sound sweet but what do they mean? Let’s take a minute to explore these features and how you can further support’s mission of empowering individuals and communities to eliminate injustice around the world.

Personal Karma

Personal Karma allows individual users to automatically donate a small percentage of expenses added to their account each month.

For every $500 of expenses added, you’ll donate $1 to a related fund. All reported and unreported expenses, including invoice expenses, on the Expenses page are calculated to get the donation amount. Each month Expensify will charge the billing card on file for the donation amount and you’ll receive a donation receipt via email.

To enable Personal Karma, sign into your Expensify account at, go to Settings > Policies > Individual > Subscriptions and click Opt in to Personal Karma

Corporate Karma

Corporate Karma, is similar to Personal Karma but with a focus on companies who want to engage in social responsibility.

Each month, the donation is calculated based on the total amount of all approved expense reports, including invoices, across all policies. For every $500 your team spends each month, your company will donate $1 to a related fund. Each month Expensify will charge the payment card on file for the donation amount and you’ll receive a donation receipt via email. 

To enable Corporate Karma, sign into your Expensify account at, go to Settings > Policies > Group > Subscriptions and click the toggle next to Corporate Karma.  

For both Personal and Corporate Karma, the funds your donation goes to are determined by the MCC (Merchant Category Code) of the expense. Each MCC supports one of funds; Climate Justice, Food Security, Housing Equity, Reentry Services, and Youth Advocacy.

How do these donations help fight injustice?

Our direct giving model encourages full transparency for all, allowing donors and volunteers to connect and make positive permanent changes. The funds are used in a transparent manner to reimburse volunteers actively engaged in making life-altering changes in their communities. The real-world effects of the donations are then shared with the donor, creating a positive feedback loop and forging a bond between the donor and the volunteer.

It is our firm belief that together, the people of this world have the power to bring about a more fair and just future for everyone. Join us today by becoming a donor or volunteer, we welcome you with open hearts. 

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