Setting up expensify for a UK charity and syncing with Quickbooks online

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We're a UK charity looking to use Expensify with Quickbooks. As we are UK based using UK bank accounts, we are unable to add bank accounts for reimbursement and to pay expenses back to our volunteers as Expensify supports only adding US accounts.

We have around 15-20 volunteers who would like to claim expenses using the Expensify app and two admin would monitor and pay back the expenses once approved.

How do we reimburse our volunteers using Expensify & Quickbooks online without being able to use the bank account function which is only available for US users?

Which pricing method do we choose for our volunteers and admin team? How much is it ultimately going to cost us?

It states the account is free for '25 smart scans a month'? Each volunteer would only probably submit no more than 10 receipts a month. Does this mean that using the app is free to them?

Please help........

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  • Conor Pendergrast
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    @Dootdog Hey! It's only users with Individual subscriptions who receive 25 receipts per-month for free. Users on Group policies (which you would be) receive unlimited SmartScanned receipts in the monthly price, and unlimited actions on your policies (creating, editing, submitting, approving, exporting a report).

    Each person who is actively using your policy in a month (to take any of those actions I just mentioned) will be charged for under your policy. For example, if you have typically have 15 people claiming back spend or interacting with Expensify each month, you'll set up an Annual Subscription for 15 users. Because that comes with the 50% discount from the annual commitment, that's the minimum amount of users who will be charged for each month.

    Then, if you have more than 15 users in a month, you'll either reset and increase your subscription to match that new user count (with the resulting 50% discount), or you'll simply pay the Pay Per Use rate for the additional users (without the 50% discount).


  • Jason Li
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    Hi @Dootdog - welcome to the Community! I'd be happy to assist with your questions.

    Unfortunately, Expensify currently only offers ACH reimbursement (for US accounts) and ABA (for Australian accounts). If you've only got a UK account, I'd suggest reimbursing users outside of Expensify/with a third-party program. I'm sorry about that!

    In regards to pricing, I'd recommend looking into the Collect plan - this allows you to connect to either Xero or QuickBooks Desktop. You'll also need to create a Group Policy to connect to QuickBooks, which is a set of rules that users can submit under, before adding users to Expensify.

    To answer your last question, once you create a Group Policy, Expensify will charge the billing owner, via a credit card, at the beginning of each month for the usage within the Policy. This means that your users won't be paying for their Expensify usage, but you (or the billing owner) will be.

    I hope that answers your questions - feel free to write into if you need anything else!

  • Dootdog
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    Thank you very much for your guidance, Jason. Our users, when connected to a policy, will only submit one or two expense receipts a month per person at most. We are a UK charity with local volunteers who will be submitting expenses monthly.

    I read that you can scan 25 receipts per user per month free of charge. If this is the case, is it correct to say only the admin of the policy will be charged £8 only per month on the collect pricing plan?