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Mutliple user accounts with same CC provider

mgarrettmgarrett Expensify Customer Posts: 7 Expensify Newcomer

Hey there,

I have multiple CC's with Chase divided among 2 different user accounts with Chase. This is because 2 are business CC's and the others are personal ones.

I link the first card and get the transactions. I then link the second one and then it gets the transactions but then breaks the connection for the first account. So I ping-pong back and forth doing this every week where I update the (currently) live card manually and then "Fix" the broken card which flips it back to that one and then breaks the other one.

Anyone else have this issue and is there a way to have both Chase accounts active simultaneously?




  • LaurenR_ExpensifyLaurenR_Expensify Expensify Team Posts: 86 Expensify Team

    Hi @mgarrett

    Have you tried assigning these as Corporate Cards on your Domains page? It sounds like that might be the best path forward here. Take a look here for more details

  • mgarrettmgarrett Expensify Customer Posts: 7 Expensify Newcomer

    I guess I have never used Domains since I am a small business with multiple expense buckets with both personal and business expenses intermingled across multiple cards. In my case I have 5 LLC's which handle an Amazon business, consulting business, 2 rental LLC's which handle 8 rental properties and so it goes on.

    I may be trying to things that expensify is not able to handle as I am less structured that say a larger company, unless I change my current operational workflow and perhaps have separate cards for each business which is not really practical in my case.


  • Zany RenneyZany Renney Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 125 Expensify Team

    Hey @mgarrett

    We definitely support businesses of all sizes with different needs, so I would hope we can do the same to you.

    As your issue seems to be quite specific and relate to assigning cards, which may include personal information, please can I encourage you to write into us via blue chat icon or email so we can live-chat and support you through this!


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