Expensify.org is accepting proposals for new campaigns. Submit yours here by April 30th to receive up to $100,000 in funding for campaigns dismantling injustice related to: Climate, Homes, Hunger, Reentry, or Youth.

Expensify.org Justice Campaigns

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Expensify.org is looking to fund people fighting injustice. The goal is to partner with the best ideas, make them a reality, and bring more justice to the world. Anyone can propose an idea by identifying a problem caused by injustice and suggesting a solution here.

A key requirement for solutions is that they harness the Expensify app. That is how Expensify.org will directly fund the people taking action as part of a campaign. Campaigns should inspire people to complete tasks or use their own money to help solve the problem. Expensify.org will pay volunteers for every campaign task completed or up to 50% of campaign expenses paid for by volunteers.

It is also required that campaigns address injustice related to at least one of five themes: homes, hunger, reentry, climate, youth. Two winning campaigns from each theme will be chosen in a public vote and receive a minimum funding commitment from Expensify.org. There will be five $25,000 winners, four $50,000 winners, one $100,000 winner.

Example campaign:

Your campaign might solve injustice by promoting a vote on an upcoming ballot initiative and will clearly lay out what tasks volunteers will be paid to complete (e.g. getting paid for each poster put up) or what types of expenses they will be reimbursed for (e.g. paying for posters to be printed).

How it works:

  1. Submit your justice proposal here before April 30th 2021.
  2. You will be partnered with an Expensify.org team member.
  3. Together with Expensify.org, you will make sure your campaign meets qualifying criteria. We will clearly define campaign tasks and clearly define reimbursable campaign expenses.
  4. Once qualified, your proposal will be voted on alongside other qualifying campaigns.
  5. Campaigns with the most votes will receive a funding commitment from Expensify.org.
  6. Winning campaigns get implemented so volunteers can begin submitting proof of tasks completed or expenses for 50% reimbursement.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Campaigns are scalable and repeatable. E.g. Can thousands of people conceivably be inspired to take the necessary campaign actions?
  • Volunteers can record their campaign contribution using the Expensify App.
  • Volunteers are based in the US for direct reimbursement purposes or are willing to use TransferWise to receive reimbursement
  • Campaigns must receive approval from expensify.org regarding the type of financial support volunteers will receive. This includes two potential models; 50% matching or task completion.
  • 50% matching - Volunteers use their own funds for campaign expenses. Expensify.org will reimburse volunteers directly up to 50%.
  • Task completion - Volunteers record task completion using the Expensify App and get reimbursed directly upon approval.
  • The proposer has to explain how their campaign directly addresses ‘injustice’ and at least one of five themes: homes, hunger, reentry, climate, youth
  • Expensify.org only reimburses expenses directly tied to the campaign (e.g. volunteers won’t be reimbursed for their time or to buy gear for themselves)

Not sure if your campaign idea is a good fit for expensify.org? Email us at [email protected] and let's chat about it!

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