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Simplify Card Transaction Reconciliations

ToJensenToJensen Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer
  • Three great suggestions that have never been implemented, though they should be an easy fix.

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Understanding the Issue · Last Updated


  • Rachael HopkinsRachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 810 Expensify Team

    Hi @ToJensen thanks for your Idea here.

    It helps to understand that the Expensify Card Settlements is a list of purchases at Merchants, and the payments for those purchases. They are not Expenses as such. Purchases are not necessarily coded at the exact time of purchase, unless the user has an Expense Rule set up, so hence why Coding cannot be included here.

    Can you explain a little more about the scenario that necessitates a link to a related expense?

    Any additional charges are controlled by the Merchant and how and when they choose to charge you. The Expensify Statement reflects how the merchant charges. If the Merchant includes the tip in the transaction it will be in one. If the Merchant has a system that charges separately this will show as a separate change.

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