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A Guide to Finding Help Resources in the Community

Sheena Trepanier
Sheena Trepanier Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 1,338 Expensify Team

What is the Community and what is in there?

The Expensify Community is the home to our public-facing help documentation, Q&A threads, product update posts, and where customers share and vote for feature requests.

It’s the number one place for customers to self-serve their questions and issues and is frequently the destination of customers Googling their questions about Expensify.

Where can I find the Help Docs?

All our help docs live in the Expensify Classroom category of the Community. Help docs are broken down into two main parts.

  • How-to posts: These help docs contain just the steps to complete a specific action in Expensify or setup a feature or functionality.
  • Deep Dive: A deep dive post goes into more of the why you use this feature and the best practices around using this feature. It’s less how-to and more how come

Finding resources

Community posts and help docs are displayed in search results based on their popularity. If you find a help doc that is very helpful and leave a reaction on it, you’ll help it rise in popularity and in the search results.

  • Use Google - believe it or not, Google has a great search and is really smart! Searching for your help doc via Google will return super accurate results.
  • Using Advanced Search for better accuracy - Using the advanced search is the best way to narrow down the search results that you’ll receive. It’s important to remember that a regular search in the Community searches over 3000 posts. 
  • Looking for a Deep Dive or How-to - Search just the Expensify Classroom category. This greatly narrows down the results and makes it easier to find your resources. 
  • Use this link as a short-cut to an advanced search for the Expensify Classroom.
  • Use common search terms - In addition to using common terms for features and functionality, you also want to start out your search term simple and make it more complex gradually. 
    • For example, “how to submit a report” is better than “My report needs to be submitted but I can’t find the button anywhere why is this so HARD!”.
  • More advanced short-cuts - Additionally you can use the below shortcuts to narrow down your results further.
    •  keyword phrase: A phrase wrapped in quotes must occur in that order.
    • +keyword: The keyword must occur in the search result.
    • -keyword: The keyword must not occur in the result.
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