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Enhanced Receipt Images

The4HousesThe4Houses Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

For the most part, reports and receipts online are great. But when a PDF is generated, the images are severely lowered in quality and full page receipts become virtually unreadable - even when zoomed in 200%.

Ideally, there would be an option to share a PDF with the low-resolution images, but as an administrator, be able to print off / generate a PDF with higher resolution images so that any internal or external audit can be done from within the report.

As it sits now, I have a report with 60+ items reported and I am forced to request individual receipts from the employee so I can verify the information in the PDF.

Here's an example of a receipt captured directly from a mobile device (common method) - this is zoomed in 200% in the PDF version.

When reviewing the images online and directly in the report, the zoom feature shows a much clearer version, if even it's just a small portion shown at any given time as shown below:

Saving the PDF could come with options like:

  • Copy sent to Employee = Low Res (they have the originals)
  • Copy Sent to Finance = Med/High Res (for internal/external audits

If downloading a local copy, the user could be offered the option:

What resolution would you like for your receipt images?

  • High (approx 15MB file size)
  • Medium (approx 7MB file size)
  • Low (approx 2MB file size)
  • Exclude Images

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