I have no contract documents in our files, how do I obtain one?

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Apparently we have an annual contract. I need to be sure that it is cancelled, we stopped using the service in November 2020. How do I know when our supposedly annual contract is up? Also, how come, even though we stopped using the system our monthly bills are increasing every month? We have only the admins in it and I we have disconnected the credit card. Why are you charging us more?


  • rcyh
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    We need to terminate the contract too, but Concierge says:

    " Unfortunately, I'm not able to switch you to Pay-per-use just yet, as it looks like the subscription renewed due to subscription changes; this can be due to things like taking over a policy or adding new users to your subscription count. Because this situation is covered in our ToS, the requirement here is that you see out your subscription and cancel in Apr 2022. "

    So, the contract will extend another 1 year every month!! If you pay Jan 2021, the contract 2ill end Jan 2022, and if you pay April 2021, the contract will end April 2022.


    That's how the subscription structure works - an annual commitment is billed monthly. You'll find most subscriptions work this way in the Apple/Google Store. "

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    Hi @rcyh, welcome to the Community!

    I'd like to clarify further here, as it's not the case that we update the subscription end date monthly.

    In your instance, your Subscription Size was increased in April which renewed your subscription. When this detail of the subscription is changed, a new subscription for 12 months begins. If nothing changes in the future, your subscription end date will remain April 2022.

    I hope this explanation helps here! Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

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    Kadie, thank you for the quick response. I appreciate it. I didn't have any of those explanations, so I am surprised to learn the new facts.

    Nevertheless, not many businesses can wait for the business decision for 12 months. Also, nobody appreciates the contract that adding just one account extends another 12 months contract automatically. I don't remember that I signed up for such a contract. May I ask you where can I see the contract?

    Now, I just found out that we cannot exit expensify.com for another 12 months because it was auto extended without our consent, but we really need to terminate our account within a month. Is it possible to pay some cancellation fee or any other way to end the contract?

    Expensify is a good product, and I want to be a fan of Expensify even after exit.

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    @rcyh Hi again - yes, you (or your company's Billing Owner) can find your Annual Subscription by going to Settings > Policies > Group Subscriptions. That, combined with Expensify's terms of service, are the contract under which your use of Expensify is managed.

    With an Annual Subscription, you're committing to the full period in exchange for that 50% discount (compared with the Pay Per Use pricing). Based on that year commitment, you can't end an Annual Subscription before the end date.

    You can disable Auto-Renew under Settings > Policies > Group Subscriptions, and after your current subscription ends you will be switched to Pay Per Use pricing, and will be able to delete your paid Group policies and close your accounts.

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  • Conor Pendergrast
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    @rcyh Your Annual Subscription and the terms of service, are your contract. You (or your Billing Owner) agreed to the terms of service when adding a payment card in Expensify