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Automated GPS Tracking

BonifiedMarketer Expensify Customer Posts: 2

I drive a lot for my job, I am constantly driving through the 5 boroughs of NYC and the most tedious thing that I have to deal with while using expensify, is turning the GPS tracker on and off 6-7 times a day. In fact, I downloaded another app that allows, for a price, to do the automatic tracking and then at the end of the month, I sit there and type in all the saved drives I have had.

My idea is quite simple. Integrate an automatic GPS tracker that is constantly tracking locations and uses simple tracking features to know the difference between a drive and a walk based on speed and route etc.

It would work by using time of day to specify if the drive was for work or personal. I.e. if it is after 9 AM, every drive until 5 PM is considered a work drive, and it would be tracked automatically with a map receipt, as already integrated with the add from map feature.

I think this will help many people like me who use expensify to track their drives, save a lot of time.

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