How-to: Pay your invoices and bills with Venmo!

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This feature is available to:

Group policy users: perfect for businesses and companies who want to send invoices to clients/customers.

Individual policy users: perfect for contractors, sole proprietors, personal business owners, and anyone who wants to send invoices to clients/customers.

Getting started:

To collect payment using Venmo, you will need to add a validated mobile phone number to your Expensify account.

On the web, go to Settings > Account > Account Details > Secondary Logins > add the phone number linked to your Venmo account.

Pay an invoice and bill with Venmo

1) From the Inbox, tap the Pay button for the invoice.

2) Tap the Pay button at the top of the screen

3) Choose Venmo as the payment method

If you are paying an invoice or bill on the web, you'll automatically be taken to the Expensify mobile app once you click the Pay button on the report.

Send a Venmo payment request in Expensify

If you are a vendor and would like to be paid via Venmo, you'll want to create an invoice and submit it to your client/customer.

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