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What is

A brand NEW app for Summer 2021! is a reimagination of all financial collaboration things that take place via chat! Split bills with friends, send money, or make plans for the weekend- all in V How are they different? 

Expensify keeps money moving! More than 10 million people around the globe use Expensify's preaccounting platform to reimburse expenses, manage corporate credit cards, generate invoices, pay bills, and plan trips from one easy-to-use app. Whether you're working for yourself, managing a team, or closing the books for your clients, Expensify makes it easy so you have more time to focus on what really matters! is a brand new app where you can DM friends, set up group chats, send payment requests and even split bills with friends! We built this to help you chat and manage bills on the go!

Where can I find

Download from the App Store or Google Play now! You can also use the web app:

And It’s free!

I have an profile already, is that different from a profile?

No, they are the same! We have kept it simple. If you update your profile, your profile will automatically update and vice versa! 

IMPORTANT! Your avatar, name, email, phone number, and details will be available to your contacts! You don’t have to include any details you’re not comfortable with sharing.

MORE IMPORTANT! If you add a phone number to your account as a secondary log-in in your profile, we won’t make that visible to your contacts. It is only if you have a phone number as your primary login that we would do that!

How do I log in/sign up for the app? 

If you are brand new to Expensify, all you have to do is sign up to using your email and a password! We all know how to do it by now!

If you have an Expensify account, the good news is you just need to use the same username and password to log into that you use for your account!

If you change your username/password in, it will automatically update

Here are some helpful how-to's to get you started!

How To: Update/edit your profile in

How To: Create a New Chat or a New Group chat 

How To: Invite a user to join a chat

How To: Send a payment request to someone

How To: Split a bill

How To: Settle/pay a split bill or a payment request