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How To: Split a Bill

Cheryl Walsh
Cheryl Walsh Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 110 Expensify Team
edited September 2021 in How-to Docs

Have a bill you want to split with friends? Send them their split via and they can settle via Venmo or or choose to pay outside of Expensify! 

  • Select the Green + button and choose Split Bill  
  • Enter the total amount for the bill and click Next 
  • Search for users or enter their emails and select 
  • Enter a reason for the split
  • The split will be shared equally between the attendees

The recipient(s) may decide to reject the bill, if they do, you will be notified but bear in mind this will not affect the other split amounts!

Once a payment method has been chosen or the user has decided to pay elsewhere, the bill will show as PAID.


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