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Is there a reason why every time I ask for live support, the consigarage chat stops responding and leaves me without an answer? I have been experiencing issues with the integration between Expensify and NetSuite for months, and the Concierge team continues to ignore my request for further assistance and has been very unhelpful. is there a way to escalate issues because the system is not working for me right now and I'm not sure why we are paying for this system.


  • Zany Renney
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    Hi @Roni

    Thanks for reaching out.

    The team on Concierge definitely aren't intentionally ignoring you. I'm sorry you haven't had a great experience so far though.

    If you'd like to explain your issue here, we are happy to help!

    I'd also recommend checking the Community FAQ or Help Docs as we have a wealth of posts that help customer's with a variety of issues.

    If it's to do with initial set up, try this Help Doc: here.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Roni
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    Thank you Zany, We are currently experiencing a lot of issues with the integration between Expensify and NetSuite related to credit card (non-refundable) expense reports.

    Currently, the integration is set up to create vendor bills in NetSuite with the credit card transactions. All credit card transactions are either created in NetSuite as Master card or Amex vendor bill. Since we have multiple entities in the system, we had to create separate Master Card and Amex vendors in NetSuite to capture employees from different entities (policies). Unfortunately, when trying to map the credit cards to the correct vendors in NetSuite, the vendors are not coming up as available in the domain tab in Expensify.

    We are trying to move to a manual CSV transaction upload into NetSuite until we can solve the credit card integration issues, however, we have not been provided a path to stop the integration of the credit card transactions (non-reimbursable) into NetSuite and guidance to how to create a CSV report in Expensify that can be uploaded to NetSuite to record all the credit card expense reports in Expensify. We would like to run a report in Expensify that can be uploaded manually to Expensify to record the credit card transactions (weekly or monthly).

    It would be great to get on a call with a support specialist that can help us solve the manual upload and answer questions related to the integration. We are happy to move to a manual upload into NetSuite until everything is worked out.

    Thank you,

    Roni Magendzo

  • Nicole Mendonca
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    @Roni thanks for spelling that out for me! This is going to be a bit difficult to go back and forth within the Community, so I am going to reach out to you directly via Concierge now.

    But just for transparency, since others might be looking at this question for answers in the future, the issue around selecting a Vendor from the Company cards page was triaged to an engineering issue. The outcome was that 50k vendors is a lot so we'll want to create a workaround so you can appropriately select your vendors.

    You can't "stop the integration" for just non-reimbursable expenses. You would turn off Auto-Sync, and all reports would need to be exported to a CSV, but let's try and figure out the vendors first.

    I'll be in touch shortly!