How do I fix link with Amex

SuzanneK Expensify Customer Posts: 34 Expensify Newcomer

When the link broke between Amex and Expensify last fall I had to redo the connections. It has never worked properly.

I have two Amex accounts. Each have several cards. Some staff have a credit card for each of the account.

Before the break up, I had two import streams (for lack of the proper term). Each Amex account fed into it's own stream. One was MMS and one was AWS.

After the reconnect, they both came into Expensify in the same stream labeled American Express US - Business (New and Upgraded).

Except they are not importing from one of the accounts.

What I need to know is can i have them come into Expensify from the 2 Amex accounts separately? On the Company Cards screen , I can add more Imported cards. Does it work that way?

this is really hard to explain.