Expensify to Users: Get Our Card or Pay Double

JGM7548 Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Like most people, I have more important things to do than read the Expensify blog religiously. Silly me for not paying attention to last year's announcement that prices would be going up ...unless you get the Expensify Card. By "going up," they mean almost double, and they also mean that they will wait until your account auto-renews before you see any change on your bill. Nicely done. I never wanted your card, and I never wanted to pay 2x what I was before for the same service, but you figured out how to make me pay double anyway. Here I thought this sort of trickery had been relegated to warranty scams fueled by legions of call centers in the Philippines. I never expected Expensify - a company and service I've enjoyed and trusted - would do me dirty like this. Lesson learned.

So here's the question: when can I get my money back?


  • Jason Li
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    Hi @JGM7548 - welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the change in pricing, but we've been upfront about the changes since April 2020. I'll be sure to pass on your feedback to our team though!

    I had a look at your account, and your subscription is set to end in January. Once it ends, you can switch to the Pay-per-use option and delete your Policy. Feel free to write into concierge@expensify.com if you have any further questions about your subscription!