Introducing peace of mind with random spot checks for auto-approved reports

Ted Harris
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Following on from the recent addition of a Manual Approval Threshold, we've added the ability to spot check a percentage of reports that qualify for Concierge auto-approval. If you've chosen to allow Concierge to automatically approve reports that meet all your policy requirements, Expensify can now randomly flag a percentage of these reports for manual review.  This allows you to enjoy the efficiency of automatic approvals while still being able to spot check random reports to ensure compliance is being maintained.

By default, this is set to 5% now, but the percentage can be amended up or down to whatever you'd like. You can do this from your Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People > Approval Mode settings:

This means that 1 in 20 reports will be randomly routed for manual approval, rather than automatically approved by Concierge. Any report that is routed for manual approval this way will be shown in the Report Comments section, to both the submitter and approver:

If the report would have had multiple approvers, they will all asked to approve the report.

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