Flag possible duplicate transactions from Wells Fargo

JKO Expensify Customer Posts: 15 Expensify Newcomer

Many of the transactions from my Wells Fargo accounts come in as duplicates, which is incredibly frustrating/irritating to sort out. As I understand from Expensify, the cause is Wells Fargo changing the merchant name after the import (we look for new transactions every night, so these look 'new) and then we import them again.

There is no long-term fix planned fro Expensify because Wells Fargo changes some of their own data sporadically. The transaction ID Expensify uses is generated by them and Wells Fargo won't send their unique transaction ID so that we can properly match these transactions and de-dupe them.

Exensify may not be able to fix the Wells Fargo problem, but they could flag these transactions as "possibly duplicate" so it would be easier to find them.

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