Auto approve expenses based on category

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What's the process for adding categories to auto-approve based on categorisation?

For example, we want to add multiple types of expenses for category code Meals so that we can edit rules in Expensify for each one. As an example, we want a dedicated one for "Friday team lunch" that can be auto-approved up to $25 for employees or "Equipment stipend" for $500. How would we do this?.


  • Al Garces
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    @Nik_2021 - I replied to your other post with the following:

    The following community post provides more details regarding setting the up Category-specific rules such as the Category Max Amounts.

    That feedback will help here too.

  • Nik_2021
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    @Al Garces Can we apply multiple rules to a single category?

  • Cheryl Walsh
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    Yes you can add multiple rules to a single category but they are limited to the following for each category:

    • GL Code and Payroll Code: These are optional fields if these categories need to be associated with either of these codes in your accounting or payroll systems
    • Max Amount: Allows you to set specific expense amount caps based on the expense category. Using Limit type, you can define this per individual expense, or per day (for expenses in a category on an expense report).
    • Receipts: Allows you to decide whether you want to require receipts based on the category of the expense. For instance, it’s common for companies to disable the receipt requirement for mileage expenses.
    • Description: Allows you to decide whether to require the description field to be filled out based on the category of the expense.

    In the case of "Meals", you would have to split this category and create a "Meals- Friday Team Lunch" if you want a specific Max amount just for that category. Hope that makes sense!