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VAT / Tax on receipts

C_Bradford_1 Approved! Accountant Posts: 18 Expensify Newcomer

Apologies if this idea has already been suggested in the past but I think for the purposes of VAT / tax, it would be extremely beneficial to have reports lay out the amounts on receipts between net, VAT / tax and gross.

For example, if completing a VAT audit, it would be very useful if we could see a breakdown of the VAT posted on one receipt on a summary without having to go into each receipt individually to look it up.

In addition whereby Expensify has not got a direct connection with some of the accounting softwares we use, it means processing the reports manually, and so it would be a lot easier and time efficient to have a summary, as otherwise it can mean having to go into each receipt one by one.

My suggestion would therefore look as follows:

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