NetSuite integration: Connect one token to multiple policies

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I suceeded connect my NetSuite into one policy (every policy in Expensify, represents other region, such as US, UK, Australia etc.).

Now I would like to link additional policieis into NetSuite.

I tried to connect the same token, however, I'm getting an error message: Login Error. Please check your credentials.

Do I need to create a new token for every policy? Can't I use the same token credentials into other policies?


  • Matt Moore
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    Hi @urielp

    You can do this, but you need to use the Reuse Existing Connection option when setting up the policy.

    Or you can start fresh! Let us know in Concierge if you need more tailored support.

  • urielp
    urielp Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer

    Hi, thank you for this.

    I already created policies prior having the 1st tintegration connected.

    1. Is that a problem to create multiple tokens in NetSuite, and connect each token to a policy? What is the downside of this, if any?
    2. Isn't it possible to connect the same token, to the other policies? This is due to we already setup the other policieis...
  • Michelle Niemi
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    Hi @urielp You can use the same token for all policies. The token needs to be tied to the same user and role within NetSuite. You can find more information here. If you continue to have problems, please reach out to [email protected].

  • urielp
    urielp Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer

    Hi @Michelle Niemi thanks for this info.

    I contacted concierge chat, and got an message that I would need to use a different token for each policy:

    "Using the same token will disrupt the connection - it must be a new/different token for each Policy."

    if so, i created several tokens in NetSuite. Each token for a different policy.

  • Michelle Niemi
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    Can you please verify these steps?

    Step 1: Enable Token Based Authentication in NS by going to Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud > Manage Authentication and check the Token Based Authentication box.

    You need to have the latest version of the Expensify Bundle. To confirm this, go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search and Install Bundles > List > Expensify Connect. Then verify that there is no update. 

    This is what it looks like if you need to update:

    Step 3: Go to Setup > Integrations > Manage Integrations and make sure the Expensify integration does NOT have an application ID.

    Add the Expensify Integration Role to the user you would like to use for the integration. Search for the user's NetSuite employee record and click Edit, then go to the Access tab. Here you will see the option to add a role. 

    If you are still having trouble, you will need to create a new token.

    Create a new token Step 1:

    Use the global search box in NetSuite to search for the page: New Access Token

    Step 2:

    For Application Name, select Expensify. For User, select the user that the role was added to in the last step. For Role, select Expensify Integration. Leave the Token Name field as auto-generated (we use this name for other troubleshooting if needed).

    Step 3:

    Copy and paste the new token into a doc or notepad, since this is the only time you will see these. 

    Confirm the Account ID in NetSuite. This will be the first number in the URL when the user is in NetSuite. If they are connecting to a Sandbox, they need to use the ID found under Setup > Company > Company Information.

    In Expensify go to Settings > Policies > [policy name] > Connections and click Add Tokens (previously called Reconnect). Do Not disconnect the policy as this will delete all of the user's configurations and category rules.

    Enter the Account ID, Token ID, and Token Secret, then continue.

    You should now be able to Sync your connection.

  • urielp
    urielp Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer

    Hi, thanks: All of the above instructions are set correctly and working fine.

    However, I have additional policies already created in Expensify

    My question is: How can I use the same tokens to all of those policies.

    Meanwhile, I created multiple tokens in NetSuite and connected each policy to a new token. I wonder if there is any downside of this process (compared to having the same token to all policies)

  • Stevie LaFortune
    Stevie LaFortune Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 241 Expensify Team

    @urielp Yes, you can use the you need to use the same token when you choose to "Reuse Existing Connection" option when setting up the policy.

    It could be that it will be harder to maintain all the connections with multiple tokens when actually connecting to the same NetSuite account.

    We recommend using the option "Reuse Existing Connection".

  • urielp
    urielp Expensify Customer Posts: 9 Expensify Newcomer

    @Stevie LaFortune Thanks.

    However, the other policies are already set up in Expensify, so I couldn't find the option to use the same existing connection after all policieis were created. Am I missing something?