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Sue_Bhuvan Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hi. We setup integration between NetSuite and Expensify. Client does not use Expense categories. IS there a way to use Expense accounts directly instead of Expense Categories?

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Sue_Bhuvan great question! As detailed in our Deep Dive - Configure Coding for NetSuite, the NetSuite connection imports Expense Categories as categories in Expensify.

    Expensify's integration with NetSuite automatically imports NetSuite Expense Categories as Categories in Expensify. To set Category Rules (e.g. receipt requirements or comments) go to the categories page in the policy. Expenses can be automatically categorized with expense categories using Auto-Categorization. 

    Please note that each expense has to have a category selected in order to export to NetSuite. The selected category has to be imported from NetSuite and cannot be manually created within the policy settings. 

    If an expense category is updated in NetSuite it will update in Expensify. Categories selected on expenses in Expensify that haven't yet been exported will be flagged as "out of policy" and need to be updated before export. Simply select the correct category and save it before export.

    To continue using the connection successfully, your client will need to set up Expense Categories for import into Expensify.